Grace Campus

Being a college student is a unique season of life and this makes you uniquely equipped to serve and live life in authentic Gospel community! God has placed in us all a desire for purpose, identity, and community.

Grace Campus is a gathering intended for college students with the goal of establishing authentic Gospel relationships with other people in the same season of life, while collectively studying the Bible and pursuing deeper connection to Jesus. Invite a friend to come with you as we seek to know and love Jesus together!

Contact Caleb Farrow, Student Pastor, with any questions and more information!

Spring 2023

11     Grace Campus - 8pm
18    Grace Campus - 8pm

1       Grace Campus - 8pm
15    Grace Campus - 8pm

1       Grace Campus - 8pm
15    Grace Campus - 8pm
29    Grace Campus - 8pm

12    Grace Campus - 8pm
26   Grace Campus - 8pm
30   Graduate Recognition/Feeding For Finals

1-3   Campus Cafe