Grace Auburn exists for the city, campus, and nations to know and love Jesus
by establishing authentic gospel communities.


In a city that adds more residents per year than any other in Alabama, we are here to take the finished work of Jesus to our neighborhoods, schools, and communities across Auburn. We do this by committing to the mission of all who love and follow Jesus as we commit to one another as a local church.
The Church (and our church) is important to Auburn because we are people of hope, who can speak of God's goodness, demonstrate grace, and point people to life found only in Jesus.


The college experience is fertile ground for finding genuine faith in Jesus. For many young adults, this is the season in which they wrestle with freedom, culture, and their core identity.  

We are pointing young adults towards Jesus as they make decisions about their life trajectory and what to ultimately live for.


Every week we pray for specific people and places around the world to know and love Jesus, and for the Church in the darkest corners of earth to thrive. We build genuine friendships as we welcome and receive people from all over the world.

We partner with Auburn University programs to serve the practical needs of incoming international students. We encourage our local community to see and engage with people through regular service opportunities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you meet?

We gather for worship on Sundays in person and online at 8:00AM, 9:30AM, and 11:00AM. Our Community Groups meet in homes throughout the week.  

What denomination?

Grace Auburn is a non-denominational church, affiliated with The Gospel Coalition and The Summit Collaborative. We were planted in partnership with North Metro Church and The Summit Church. 

What are your services like?

Every week, we gather for worship--because Jesus is life and because Jesus is worthy. Our services have a structured liturgy that includes reading the Bible, prayer, singing songs of worship, confession, expository preaching, and communion.

What about my children?

GRACE KIDS partners with parents in the discipleship of their young children. We offer Sunday morning classes for each age range from newborns through 5th grade. K-5th graders join parents for the first part of the worship service before going to their classes. If you are new to Grace Auburn, consider pre-registering before your first visit.

What about my student?

GRACE STUDENTS partners with parents in discipleship of their 6th-12th graders, meeting every other Sundays from 5-7pm.

GRACE CAMPUS gathers bi-monthly for college students on Wednesdays at 8pm.

How can I connect?

Community groups are a vital part of our church life because they provide a context for us to care for and serve one another as we fill our role in God's mission in the city, campus, and nations. These groups meet in homes at various times during the week for fellowship, prayer, and study of God's Word. 

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